Is artificial grass child friendly/safe?

Completely! Our grasses are certified by 3 BSI kitemarks, meaning that they’ve been thoroughly tested to ensure their safety. We only provide grasses that are as soft and lush as real grass: your family will be able to enjoy your new garden throughout the year.

Is artificial grass suitable for pets?

In our experience, the only difference that pets notice is that they can use the garden to play in a lot more! We’ve never heard any complaints, and pets seem just as happy to roll around/do their business on artificial grass as they do on a real lawn. They’re probably happier there’s fewer baths needed to get rid of the mud too!

How do I deal with pet odours on my artificial grass?

Our careful installation means when we’re completing the groundwork your garden won’t have any drainage issues. As long as you pick up pet waste as normal, the residue will simply wash away – leaving no unpleasant smells!

Will my artificial grass become uncomfortably hot on sunny days?

As long as the grass is properly installed, your garden shouldn’t suffer from any temperature issues – at Better Than Grass, we ensure that it is.

How long will I expect my artificial garden to last?

According to our estimates it should last up to 20 years but to ensure you’re entirely satisfied with the product, we offer a 10 year guarantee on our artificial grass.

Will my artificial grass fade?

Our grasses are protected against fading and come with a guarantee against colour damage caused by UVA/UVB rays. (But we don’t think you’ll need it!)

Will artificial grass be flattened?

Our grasses are designed with a “W” shaped yarn, giving them incredible flexibility and allowing them to withstand high amounts of traffic. Basically, this means our artificial grass can simply spring straight back up, just like natural grass.

Is artificial grass expensive?

We’re competitively priced and strive to deliver complete value for money. Artificial grass can seem like an expensive investment, but we’re confident you’ll more than recoup this when you factor in the massively reduced maintenance cost. Your water bill will be lower and there’ll be no more fertilising or replacing the lawn.

Is your artificial grass fire retardant?

Our grass has been tested and awarded with a BSI Kitemark demonstrating that it’s fire retardant. However it will still suffer cosmetic damage from fire, such as scorch marks. It’s recommended that you use a BBQ on slabs to make sure your grass stays looking as good as new.

Does Better than Grass offer public liability insurance?

We’re fully covered by public liability insurance, allowing you to have full confidence when we’re carrying out work on your property. Better Than Grass is committed to your safety. We would always recommend asking to see a copy of any public liability insurance for your peace of mind.

What are your payment options?

We accept all payment options including bank transfer/credit/debit cards.

Can you recommend any way to protect my investment once I choose to install artificial grass?

One way is to pay at least £100.00 by credit card on the purchase if you can, as recommended at Money Supermarket by Martin Lewis. Even though it’s a partial payment, the entire transaction is covered under the Consumer Credit Act.

What difference is there in choosing a local business vs national business?

Choosing a local business helps you to support the local community and economy. We’re based in and live in the local area: we know it well and are able to deliver a more personal service to our customers. When you deal with a national company you are normally dealing with a company that has a franchise/licensee agreement with a parent/national company to operate in the area and they are normally trading as an independent business under the national business banner.